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Coachella is capitalizing on offensive Native American appropriation

Needless to say, many Natives are not fans of the trend. But that hasn’t stopped the festival from capitalizing on the “white kids playing Indian” motif and offering tipi rentals for the low weekend price of … $2,200? Paying rent in a New York City rat hole never sounded so good.

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"White kids playing Indian"


Coachella, AKA white girls appropriating Native and Indian culture conference.

Lol @ white chicks “apprecating Native American culture.” I bet any of these white chicks can’t tell you which Native American nations use headdresses (which are SACRED and EARNED) and which nations don’t use them.

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Watched soul eater with the bae today B)

Grease (1978)

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An ornate 6 shot wheel-lock revolving musket decorated with gold, silver, ivory, and bone.  Originates from Russia, 16th century, possibly restored or added onto in the 18th or 19th century.

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Anonymous asked: 26,33,38,40 and 26


26. Do humans matter— tiny specs on a floating rock in a solar system in an infinite universe ?
Do humans matter to the solar system? Hell no, it would be better of there were no humans whatsoever. We just ruin everything really. Do humans make a difference ? Hell yeah. We fuck shit up

33. Could you love someone you found ugly?
Even if I found someone “ugly” if I fell in love with them the way they looked wouldn’t matter to me

38. Describe appearance-wise what your ideal boy/girlfriend would be like
My boyfriend has dark brown hair that goes to his elbows, really long and dark eyelashes, he’s pretty tan and his eyes are the color of dark molasses. As for girls, I think freckles are real cute

40. I answered 40 earlier

Thanks for asking (:

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